Undated (before 1790), to the Reverend George Coleridge

[from Christ’s Hospital]

Dear Brother,

— You will excuse me for reminding  you that, as our holidays commence next week, and I shall go out a good deal, a good pair of breeches will be no inconsiderable accession to my appearance.

Painting of young man in breeches

For though my present pair are excellent for the purposes of drawing mathematical figures on them, and though a walking thought, sonnet, or epigram would appear on them in very splendid type, yet they are not altogether so well adapted for a female eye — not to mention that I should have the charge of vanity brought against me for wearing a looking-glass. I hope you have got rid of your cold —and I am your affectionate brother,

Samuel Taylor Colerige


P. S. Can you let me have them time enough for readaptation before Whitsunday ? I mean that they may be made up for me before that time.